6 Main St., Unit 3
Skowhegan, Maine

RC Adventure Trails

Fun for the Entire Family

RC Destination offers adventure trails, an obstacle course area, a mud pit and race course. There is something for all types of RC cars and trucks for all ages and skill levels. Bring your RC vehicle or just come and watch a relaxing, peaceful crawl through our beautiful Maine woods. With trails and our race track you’re sure to have a fun packed day! Come experience the adventure!

You won’t want to miss out on the RC events we host on our adventure trails and race track. Any upcoming events will be posted on our website so check back often! We also do RC drags, RC pulls and launch competitions.

Crawling Trails

Bring your RC and take a drive on our crawling trails. You’ll find yourself driving your RC through the woods, turning a corner only to discover a tight turn veering you to a rock pile. Climb the pile, turn the corner, and discover a terrain full of adventure.

Mud Pit

It’s time to get dirty! Our mud pit gives you a chance to see what your RC vehicle can do in the mud, just like the real sized vehicles do. Bring your mud boots!

Obstacle Course

If you’re up for an adventure then join the crowd on our fun but challenging obstacle course! This course is full of surprises and obstacles that will test your skill level. From climbs to rocks and bridges, every turn will challenge your RC driving skills.

Race Track

Do you have the need for speed? At RC Destination we don’t hand out tickets for speeding we encourage it! Test your RC driving skills on our race track while beating your own time, or competing with other RC racing enthusiasts.